Spring brings a new vitality to everything, the hills are blanketed with green grass and wild flowers, tress are budding and life seems to be springing up everywhere.  The heavy snows of the winter are slowly melting away with the spring sunshine swelling up our creeks and rivers.  It’s spring run off time and for anyone that knows me that means it’s time to go whitewater kayaking.  Since life only affords me short windows of time for recreation I have to plan ahead and water levels on rivers are not always a predictable thing.  I talked to my friend Norm from Whitewater excitement earlier in the week about heading up to the upper part of the South Fork of the American river near Kyburz.  We agreed that if the water levels hold we would kayak it on Saturday.  I woke up Saturday morning to check the river Gage to find we had optimal flow, 750 cubic feet per second.  Goldie locks kayaking, the water was not too high and not too low.  I confirmed with Norm that he was still game and he and one of his regular rafting guides Mike meet me in Placerville to start our adventure.  The water and weather was just right and section we kayaked didn’t disappoint.  Here are some photos.  There are rivers in El Dorado county for every level of recreation and are classified to help match them with your skill level.  They are ranked from Class 1 beginner flat water to Class 5 expert.  The Kyburz section of the South Fork American is ranked Class 4.

Written by Adam Anderson – Owner of Villa Florentina


Norm, Mike and I getting ready to get on the water.

Norm kyburz

Norm sea launching into the river.

mike kyburz

Mikey lining up for a big boof. The car in the back ground is heading east up hwy 50.