Last night I got a call from Jeremiah at Adventure Connection asking if I can help out with a winter rafting trip.  I thought about all the chores I had to do, looked at the weather forecast and said, “sure, I’d love to!”  I jumped on some of those chores early to chase those guilty feeling away, then headed down to Historic Coloma to meet with Jeremiah and his guests.  Rick and his friends were up for some winter adventure and decided, why not go rafting?  Normally the cold weather and water keep people away this time of year but a sunny day and some appropriate water attire made for the perfect excursion. We shuttled up to the Chili Bar put in for the upper section of the South Fork of the American River and as we were getting ready we ran into 16 year old kayaking phenomenon and potential U.S. Olympic whitewater slalom team member Sage Donnelly, her friendly smile and cheerful disposition is contagious as we talked about where the next phases of Olympic trials will take her.  With such a good attitude how can you not want to cheer her on?


As we ventured down the river we realized we were in for a special treat, all the rain this season and the recent string of sunny days sent the poppies in El Dorado County into bloom and it is magnificent!


All in all it was a wonder sunny day in the middle of winter!


Writer Adam Anderson Purveyor of Villa Florentina

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